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Zoo in the Hollow

Visit with some of the most amazing animals from across the world inside the Zoo in the Hollow. Located at the end of the crooked bamboo pathway, you can’t get much closer to a stunning jaguar, lemur, meerkat or American alligator in real life. Happy Hollow is dedicated to helping save species and preserve wildlife for future generations by participating in Species Survival Plan programs through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Positive experiences with nature combined with education and play, leads to conservation action. Through Quarters for Conservation, every guest and member directly contributes to supporting the conservation of threatened and endangered species and their wild habitats.

Happy Hollow exhibits are designed to provide safe and secure habitats, while giving as much space as possible for species specific behavior, such as running, jumping, climbing, resting, etc. Extensive research, thought and effort goes into making every habitat as varied and complex as possible to account for the individual needs of each animal. This includes providing areas where animals can go off exhibit or hide if they choose.