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Strange But True

PetMD Editorial
Feb 03,2010

In what can only be described as doggone good luck, a pair of Dachshunds survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and then the earthquake in Haiti almost four and a half years later. Artist Paul Fowler adopted Bella and Deiter after Katrina and promised to never abandon them, according to an AP… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Jan 31,2010

If the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have their way, Punxsutawney Phil could soon be out of a job and be replaced by a robot. In an open letter to Bill Deeley, president of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, PETA proposes retiring the live groundhog that takes part in the annual… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Jan 25,2010

Guess what? The 2010 U.S. Census kicks off today in a remote Eskimo village in Alaska. After arriving in the riverside settlement of Noorvick, Census Bureau Director Robert Groves will be ferried around by dogsled to officially count the roughly 600 residents that live there. There is still no word… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Jan 22,2010

Talk about freaky! A Merritt Island family has been hand-feeding a 60-pound fish named Jaws from their 240-square-foot neighborhood pond for nearly thirty years. According to FLORIDA TODAY, Regina Gaydose and her husband fed the South American pacu, a friendlier, vegetarian cousin to the piranha, a… Read More

PetMD Editorial
May 20,2009

Twitter has just gotten a little bit cattier. Sockington the cat -- @Sockington on Twitter -- has officially passed the 500,000 follower milestone and is well on his way to one million. With musings like "lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick… Read More

PetMD Editorial
May 15,2009

A Jack Russell Terrier named Cozmo has halted the mail service to seven homes in West Virginia after terrorizing the postal carrier assigned to the route. Postal Service spokewoman Cathy Yarosky said the carrier in question was injured after falling while trying to run from the 20-pound terrier. I… Read More

PetMD Editorial
May 12,2009

Chachi the Chihuahua has been returned to his owner in Gainesville, Fla. after being found nearly 700 miles away in southwest Ohio. Missing for 10 months, Chachi was a little ragged and in need of some dental work, but at least he's got some stories to tell his buddies back home. Image (not… Read More