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Strange But True

PetMD Editorial
Oct 02,2018

Image via iStock/johnandersonphoto The rats in New York are notorious for their large size and fearless attitude. From carrying pizza up a staircase to climbing onto unsuspecting subway passengers, New York rats are as much a part of life in Manhattan as traffic is. For one graduate student and his… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 27,2018

Photo via BoulderPhoto/ The city council in Akron, Ohio is considering an ordinance that allows jail time for pet owners whose dogs repeatedly disturb the neighborhood by continuously barking. Currently, a pet owner with a barking dog will receive a $100 fine, no matter how many… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 26,2018

Image via Greg Brave/ UPDATE: As of Thurdsay, Sept. 27, Storm the kangaroo has been located and caught. Early Tuesday morning on Sept. 25, a few of the residents of Jupiter Farms, Florida were met with quite a surprising sight. A kangaroo had escaped from its animal sanctuary and… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 25,2018

Image via Ginger and Kimchi/Facebook Kimchi, a blind, Spaniel-type rescue, depends on Ginger, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever, to act as his Seeing Eye dog after going blind three years ago. Ginger is “often steering him away from obstacles and danger,” and “Kimchi doesn’t mind being led around,… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 19,2018

Image via Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Wisconsin Humane Society/Facebook On Friday, September 14, a good Samaritan happened upon a very strange sight. They found a group of baby gray squirrels stuck together by their tails. They quickly called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Wisconsin… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 11,2018

Image via Audrey Snider-Bell/ Over 80 species of insects, spiders and lizards valued at $40,000 were stolen from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion last month. The heist accounted for more than 80 percent of the museum’s collection. “I’m not sure there’s ever been a… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 10,2018

Image via Josep Suria/ An apartment complex that’s being built in Denmark will require that its tenants are dog owners. The apartment building is called “Hundehuset,” or “The Dog House.” “There is demand from some dog owners who are tired of there being so many places where dogs are… Read More