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School Programs

Topics by grade level

All Happy Hollow education programs target Next Generation Science Standards.

Happy Habitats?

Plants & animals adapt themselves or their homes to find what they need to survive.

  • What animals need to survive
  • How animals change their environment to meet their needs
  • Habitat/Ecosystem/Adaptation

Baby Beasts

Ready-to-run or just cracking out of an egg, ready or not, here they come. Baby?animals emerge in different ways.?

  • Parent and offspring patterns of behavior to help offspring survive
  • Young plants and animals are similar, but not exactly like their parents
  • Vocabulary: Offspring/Predator/Nocturnal

Nature’s Problem Solvers??

Who inspired?the invention of?airplanes, wet suits & LED lights? It is not who you think.

  • Biomimicry-humans copying?nature
  • Adaptations?to?copy
  • Vocabulary: Biomimicry/Adaptations

Adaptation Adventure

Plants & animals find or grow the things they need to help them thrive and sometimes?even help each other.

  • Animals find their food while?dispersing?seeds and pollinating?plants?along the way.
  • Habitats?where adaptations match?their environment
  • Pollination/Seed dispersal/Nutrients/Scat/Apiary

Animal Defenses?

Animals grow, wear or claim what they need to defend themselves against the elements?&?other?wild?creatures.

  • Defensive properties & providing their intended purpose
  • Matching defenses to the habitat
  • Vocabulary: Defense/Adaptation/Ecosystem/Diversity



Diving into Biodiversity

In the depths of each ecosystem, a variety of life can be discovered.

  • The variety of life in different ecosystems
  • There is?a pattern of biodiversity on the planet
  • Vocabulary:?Diversity/Ecosystem/Biodiversity/Equator

Habitat Hunting with Trait Tools?

Location,?location, location that matches the?clothes.

Animals?choose?homes that?match their?needs &?abilities.?[optional 2-part series]

  • Matching adaptations to habitats
  • Adaptation traits inherited [part 1]
  • Adaptation traits chosen to enhance survival [part 2]
  • Animals group for enhancing survival
  • Vocabulary: Environment/Habitat/Traits/Resources/Detrimental

Life Cycle Loop ?

All animals emerge, grow, live, thrive and die in a never-ending?revolution?but not always in the same way.

  • The variety of animal life cycles
  • Variation can provide advantages
  • Vocabulary: Precocial/Altricial/?3 & 4-stage cycles

Waves?of Wildlife??

Experiments?with erosion?&?waves?caused by wildlife agents of change

  • Burrows as a tool of erosion
  • Wildlife Wavelength experiments; agents of change
  • Vocabulary: Erosion/Burrow/Wavelength/Amplitude/Experiment

Sensational Adaptations?

Animals have secret abilities too.?Some superpowers are hidden.

  • Animal adaptations include enhanced senses
  • Adaptations can be?internal
  • Vocabulary: Senses/Physical adaptations/Behavioral adaptations

Fabulous Food Chains??

Om, nom-nivores?are the ultimate?energy?recyclers.

  • Energy cycles from the sun, to plants, to animals & then?to?decomposers?& back again
  • Categorizing?animals by what they eat
  • Vocabulary:Herbivore/Carnivore/Omnivor/Decomposer/Photosynthesis

The Water All Around Us??

What can wildlife tell us about the water all around?

  • The water cycle
  • Wildlife as a water indicator
  • Vocabulary: Precipitation/Runoff/Watershed/Indicator species

Hand Me Down Genes??

Nature and nurture?–?parents and?the environment determine how life grows.

  • Environmental & genetic factors influence species growth
  • Vocabulary: Genetic factors/Environmental factors/Climate change/Hybrid

Animal Attraction??

When it comes to a mate, animals also look for the best-dressed dancer.

  • Plants & animals use reproductive success strategies to continue their “family tree”
  • Attractive appearances & beneficial behaviors
  • Vocabulary: Reproductive success/Resource availability

FOR EVERYBODY (up to 20 participants)

Animal Pop?In?Program?20-minutes?for $100?

  • Informational animal presentation?featuring a single animal ambassador.
  • [Pre-school and older]?Focusing on colors, counting, textures & basic animal trivia for kids
  • [Any age]?This program can be catered for adults as a?business meeting highlight.

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(up to 35 participants)

45 – 60 minutes for $140 (1st?program) & $125 for each additional/same day program

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(up to 100 participants)

45 – 60 minutes for $325 (1st program) & $275 for each additional/same day program

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