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Happy Hollow Blog

Spring cleaning at the Zoo

Friday, 5/8

It’s that time of year – when most people begin their “spring cleaning” efforts.

Bayou, the American alligator, has gotten so big that his keepers needed a little more space to work safely with him inside his exhibit. He is now 7 feet long, and weighs over 130 pounds.
First, Bayou was called into his nighthouse?by Zookeeper Brandy to?keep staff safe, and reduce any stress that might occur from all the people working?in his habitat.?This is something he does willingly as part of his regular training sessions, where he gets rewards (food) for following specific cues from his keepers.
Happy Hollow’s?Facility Projects Coordinator, Angelo, and Bayou’s care team then began cleaning his pool and pulling weeds.
A view of Bayou’s sandy alcove.
A few log pieces were removed from Bayou’s exhibit, and (much to their delight) given to the meerkats for enrichment.
This log was starting to decompose and had lots of yummy insects inside.
Overall, it was a successful day of spring cleaning inside Bayou’s exhibit at Happy Hollow.