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Happy Hollow Blog

Santa’s 2020 Naughty & Nice List

Wednesday, 12/16

The Zookeepers at Happy Hollow?finished our?2020 Naughty and Nice list?to send to Santa, and this year?almost?everyone made the cut!??

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FAQ about our temporary closure

Tuesday, 12/8

In compliance with the Santa Clara County and State Stay-at-Home orders, Happy Hollow is temporarily closed to the public, and reservations are on hold until Happy Hollow announces a new reopening date. We know that our guests and community have a lot of questions, so we are sharing some answers to our frequently asked questions.

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Welcome back: Walk Through the Zoo

Wednesday, 11/4

Welcome back! Happy Hollow members can now begin making online reservations for the first phase of our reopening which we are calling, "Walk Through the Zoo."

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Not-So-Creepy Crawly Critters

Friday, 10/16

October is the spooky season, but we hope to demystify these so called "creepy crawly" creatures and show you that these animals are actually quite fascinating!

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Virtual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Wednesday, 9/30

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo invites YOU to participate in a Virtual Pumpkin Decorating Contest!

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Golden Years at the Zoo

Friday, 7/10

With modern veterinary medicine, nutrition science, successful care, and ever-evolving standards of husbandry - many animals living under human care at zoos can live comfortably well past the average lifespan of their wild counterparts.

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Some like it hot!

Friday, 5/29

Sunny warm weather is one of the things people love most about living in California, but when it comes to caring for animals, the Zoo takes some special precautions. How does Happy Hollow keep the animals cool during the hot weather?

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Lemur Pup Naming Contest

Wednesday, 5/20

Updated on Wednesday, June 3. Over 3,000 people voted to help name Happy Hollow's new female lemur pup.

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Young donors make a big impact

Friday, 5/15

Even as the world shifts and shudders due to COVID-19, heartening stories are everywhere — and maybe it’s no surprise that for Happy Hollow, some of the best anecdotes star young people.

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Spring cleaning at the Zoo

Friday, 5/8

It's that time of year - when most people begin their "spring cleaning" efforts. Learn how the Happy Hollow Zoo team cleans the American alligator exhibit.

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