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Dr Elsa Jungman

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Leigh Burkett, DVM
Nov 03, 2020

Yeast are spore-producing fungi that are always present on a dog’s skin, usually in low numbers, as part of the normal flora. A yeast infection happens when there’s an excessive amount of yeast in a certain area. Yeast infections in dogs are quite common and can occur… Read More

Teresa Manucy, DVM
Nov 03, 2020

We’re just beginning to understand the benefits of probiotics for dogs. What we do know is that probiotics for dogs can: Aid digestion Modulate the immune system Provide intestinal benefits by producing short-chain fatty acids, which inhibit harmful bacteria They may… Read More

Teresa Manucy, DVM
Sep 08, 2020

Medium-sized dogs are the perfect size between small dogs and large-breed dogs. They can still be lap dogs, but they can play like bigger dogs, which appeals to many pet parents. Medium dog breeds require regular exercise, balanced nutrition, routine health care, and mental… Read More

Heather Hoffmann, DVM
Sep 01, 2020

Small dogs have become increasingly popular due to their compact size. However, we need to consider that, due to their smaller size, they have specific nutritional needs and a genetic predisposition to certain health problems. If cared for properly, small dog breeds can… Read More

Krista Seraydar, DVM
Sep 01, 2020

If you have a large dog or are thinking of adopting a large-breed dog, you’ll need to take a few special considerations into account. These include common health issues found in large dog breeds, their specific nutritional needs, and their physical activity requirements.… Read More

Laura Dayton, DVM
Aug 11, 2020

Heartworm disease is not a new problem for dogs and cats, but it certainly has lots of myths and misunderstandings that surround it. These are a few of the major questions: “Can humans get heartworms from dogs? Are heartworms contagious to other dogs?” This article will… Read More