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Park & Zoo Policies

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo adheres to all Municipal Codes.??

Thank you for being respectful to all animals, guests,?and Happy Hollow staff. Happy Hollow reserves the right to escort any individuals or groups from the facilities if they are acting in ways deemed harmful to our animals or the park, or unreasonably infringing upon the enjoyment of other guests.?


  • Children?under?the age of?14 years old must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times.??For lost children, please contact a staff member immediately.?
  • Refunds or rain checks will not be issued due to inclement weather.?
  • Prices, policies, programs and operating schedule are subject to change due to refurbishing, maintenance, repairs, capacity, weather or special events, and may be discontinued without notice or liability.
  • Tickets or membership may be revoked (and the holder ejected from Happy Hollow Park & Zoo) at the sole discretion of management without refund if misused, or if the ticket holder or member violates any Happy Hollow Park & Zoo policies, rules, and regulations.
  • For re-entry, please get your hand stamped at the turnstiles if you need to leave and plan to return later that day.

General Park Rules??

  • Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is a tobacco-free (smoking/vaping/chewing), alcohol-free (special use permits are acquired), and drug-free facility.??Please see San Jose City Ordinance 13.44.130 for more details.
  • Guests are expected to follow all posted ride, attraction and zoo rules and directions given by staff.??
  • Shirts,?pants?(shorts/dresses),?and shoes must be worn?at all times throughout the Park and Zoo.?Clothing with explicit or inappropriate language or imagery are not allowed.??
  • Happy Hollow is not responsible for privately owned strollers (or contents) when left unattended.??Stollers are available for rental in Explore?&?More?Store.??
  • For the safety of our zoo animals and local wildlife, please deposit trash in designated receptacles.?
  • The solicitation of visitors, or the selling of any items is prohibited within Happy Hollow, at the entrance gates, and along boundary sidewalks.?

Prohibited items??

  • Audio,?recreation,?and sporting equipment are not permitted inside Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.?Bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, glass containers, roller skates, shoe skates, or anything else that can injure people or animals are also prohibited.?Bike racks are located outside the turnstiles in the Entry Plaza.
  • Happy Hollow reserves the right to inspect anything that is brought into the park and zoo. Weapons of any kind are prohibited.??
  • For the safety of our zoo animals and local wildlife, balloons are not allowed?inside Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.??


  • Thank you for NOT feeding any animal residents, or throwing things in exhibits. Every animal at Happy Hollow receives a special diet, and outside food can make them very sick. If you see a guest feeding an animal, please contact a Zoo staff member immediately?or call (408) 794-6400.??
  • Please be respectful to resident animals and other guests enjoying the zoo, by NOT tapping on glass exhibits, climbing fences, or yelling.?Visitors must stay on public paths at all times.?
  • Please do ask questions and share your excitement with us and other guests.?
  • Drones are not allowed over zoo areas at any time.?
  • If you see a person in immediate danger or behaving inappropriately, please contact Happy Hollow staff immediately (408)?794-6400.??

Pets and Service Animals?

  • Pets and emotional support animals are not permitted inside Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.??
  • Service animals are welcome at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.
  • If you will be bringing a service animal during your visit, please?check in at Guest Services?upon arrival.
  • Service animals must remain on a leash or harness at all times and may not be left unattended. Service animals must remain a reasonable distance from animals inside the zoo areas of Happy Hollow. This is best accomplished by maintaining a minimum of six feet between your service animal and zoo animals.?
  • Service animals are allowed on the Danny the Dragon and Keep-Around-Carousel rides.
  • Guests are?solely responsible for the care and control of their service animals and are required to clean up after their service animals.?
  • Guests with service animals may be asked to leave the facility if the service animal’s behavior becomes a threat to the safety or well- being of guests or zoo animals.

Amusement park rules?

Please note that rides and attractions schedules are subject to change at any time.??

All guests are?expected?to follow the guidelines below:?

  • Please refrain from lifting children over fences, and playing on fences.??
  • For your safety, please stay on the outer portion of the fence while rides are in motion.??
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on rides.
  • There is no spot saving or line cutting under any circumstance. All riders must be in line at all times to access rides. The ride operator may ask you to step out of line if you are spot saving or line cutting.

Riders must:

  • Meet minimum height requirement for rides. Ride heights vary per ride.??
  • Have adequate head and neck control and the ability to sit independently in an upright position.??
  • Use lap bars or seat belts.?
  • Stay seated when ride is in operation.?
  • Wait for operators to open the gate before boarding and exiting.??

Playground Rules??

Adult supervision is required?in all areas of the Park & Zoo. Chaperones are responsible for ensuring the following safety protocols with children under their care:?

  • Slides are used in a seated position, with feet first, and one person at a time.??
  • Wait until the space at the bottom of the slide is clear before sliding?down.?
  • Do not climb up or on slide tunnels.??
  • Take turns, share equipment and be kind to others.?
  • No running or pushing.??
  • Use equipment correctly.??
  • Use caution around hot or wet surfaces.??
  • Do not jump off rocks, ropes, slides, or nets.??
  • Shoes and clothes are required at all times.??
  • Play equipment must be left in play area when not in use.??
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on play structures.??

Food and beverage policies?

  • Guests may bring a homemade lunch inside Happy Hollow, but hard/soft coolers and commercially prepared foods are prohibited.?
  • Due to health regulations, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo cannot store or refrigerate your food items.
  • Items sold in Explore & More Store and Picnic Basket must be purchased before consumption.???

Photography at Happy Hollow?

  • During your visit, you may be videotaped or photographed by a Happy Hollow employee or authorized guest. Your admission ticket and or membership serves as permission for use of your image by these parties.?
  • Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without the expressed permission of the Happy Hollow Communications Department. Please send your request to?[email protected]??
  • Unauthorized drones are?prohibited.??

Membership Terms and Conditions

Members must follow all of the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo policies listed above.

Membership Card Use:?

  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.??
  • Memberships are valid until the end of the month one year from the date of purchase.?Happy Hollow may from time to time, without notice, change the operating hours of the zoo, rides, days of operation, close any part of the zoo temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to the zoo, and/or suspend or cancel any show, presentation or program if circumstances require.?Happy Hollow’s hours and operations?calendar are available at?
  • Each?named?member must have a membership card?to enter the park. Adult, student and senior memberships are required to show a photo ID on every visit. The name on the ID must match the name on the membership card.??
  • Student memberships apply to currently enrolled high school, junior college, career college, or university students. The student is required to be present and show a school photo ID when paying for or picking up their membership card. Online sales for student memberships will have their valid?student?ID verified on their first visit.?The school photo ID must have the current year printed on the card or another form of documentation will be required to prove current enrollment.??
  • Senior membership rate applies to ages?60-and-above. Seniors are required to be present and show a photo ID when paying for or picking up their membership card. Online sales for senior memberships will have their ID verified on their first visit.?
  • Memberships purchased online must present their sale number?or confirmation email?at a membership window to have their cards printed.?Membership confirmation e-mails?can not?be used for entry.?
  • Membership cards must be present at time of transaction?in order for?discounts to be applied on Celebration packages, Picnic Basket, and Explore & More store purchases. One membership card can be used per purchase.?

Individual Plus and Community Packages:?

Individual Plus and Community members can purchase one admission ticket at a discounted rate every visit. The ticket will only be?valid for?the day of purchase, and the ticket may be upgraded to a membership. Membership card must be?valid and presented to the cashier?at time of transaction.?

Happy Hollow Parking Pass:?

  • Annual Happy Hollow parking passes may only be used at 748 Story Road. Misuse of the parking pass at any other parking lot, including all City of San Jose regional parks, may result in a?warning, written?ticket,?or membership suspension. The parking pass expires at the end of the month one year from the date of purchase.?
  • The parking pass is valid for parking one vehicle and does not guarantee that a parking space will be available on the day of your visit. Hangtag must clearly be displayed on the rearview mirror.?
  • Lost or stolen?parking passes?are nonrefundable, nontransferable and nonreplaceable.?

Replacement Membership Cards:?

  • Members visiting without a membership card or photo ID must have their membership status verified at a membership window prior to entry.??
  • 1st?visit – member will receive a courtesy lookup at no cost.?
  • 2nd?visit – member will be charged a $5 fee to have their membership card reprinted.?
  • Happy Hollow is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Lost or stolen membership cards can be replaced for a fee of? $5.?

Admission ticket upgrade and reciprocal program:?

  • Individual admission tickets and celebration tickets may be upgraded to any membership type, with?a limit of one ticket per membership. Tickets?must be upgraded within 7 days in person or by mail and must be redeemed at time of purchase. Ticket credit may not be applied after the purchase of a membership.?
  • Admission ticket(s)?must be present at the time of upgrade. No other verification of transactions?(receipt, bank statement, etc.)?will be accepted.??
  • Your membership is eligible for free or discounted admission to local and AZA accredited facilities.?Discounts vary by facility.?Please call the facility you plan to visit?in advance?to confirm the?discount offered.?Visit? a complete list of?reciprocal discount facilities.?

Membership Benefits and Events:?

  • Membership benefits are subject to change and may be discontinued without notice or liability.?
  • Event discounts for members are shared through e-mail newsletters.?
  • Member events, like Member Mornings, require members to have their membership cards printed prior to their arrival. Member services may not be available during events.?

For any other membership related questions, comments or concerns please call our Membership Department at 408-794-6444?